Our handyman service is available at $48.00 per
hour with a four hour minimum. Materials are billed
with a 15% mark up. If you send a list of projects
the guys can show up ready to begin working
immediately, and Adam will get the other items they
will need to keep going. We have done this type of
time and material work for several clients over the
years and found our rates to be substantially lower
than the Professional (i.e. licensed and insured)
handyman services out there. Our clients are
familiar with how knowledgeable and hard working
our guys are and have really found great
satisfaction in having every little project they've
been thinking about over the years done in one fell
swoop. As for the painting projects we can bid
those if it is a whole room or more or if its patch,
repair and paint one wall or area it can be done as
a T&M project.